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More than $2 million invested in fundamental scientific research at the University of Regina by the Government of Canada

This funding for scientists and engineers means more opportunities for discovery, skills training and job creation

September 8, 2017 – Regina, Saskatchewan – Government of Canada

When Canada’s scientists and engineers have the opportunity to succeed, they’re able to make the discoveries that lead to ground-breaking innovations, sustainable economic growth and a stronger middle class. The hard work of these researchers also helps new generations of students master the advanced skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow.

That is why the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, on behalf of the Minister of Science, Kirsty Duncan, announced today $2.1 million to support fundamental research at the University of Regina through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada’s (NSERC) 2017 competition for the Discovery Grants program, scholarships and fellowships. The funding will provide: grants to support 15 projects in biology, computer science, engineering, mathematics and psychology; a Discovery Development Grant to Renata Raina-Fulton in the Faculty of Science for work on agricultural pesticides; a postgraduate scholarship at the doctoral level for Ryan Clark in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; and four scholarships through the Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Program.

The project grants include $250,000 over five years for Sandra Zilles of the Computer Science Department for work on interactive machine learning, $170,000 over five years for Yee-Chung Jin of the Faculty of Engineering for surface flow simulations, and $165,000 over five years for Mark Brigham of the Biology Department for work on thermoregulation in birds and bats.

Those who receive NSERC’s support through the Discovery program will be empowered to make new breakthroughs while providing the next generation of students the skills they need for their future careers.

The announcement at the university was part of the funding announced by Minister Duncan earlier today that will go to support the work of more than 4000 researchers at 71 institutions across Canada. This is NSERC’s largest annual investment, and assists researchers by offering financial support though scholarships, fellowships, research supplements, and equipment grants.

This funding reflects the Government of Canada’s commitment to strengthen science by supporting the very people – our country’s remarkable scientists and engineers – who are working to build a better tomorrow.



“The Government of Canada is committed to investing in fundamental research and engineering that will improve and enrich our country’s knowledge economy. We believe in encouraging scientists’ cutting-edge ideas that will lead Canada to greater social and economic growth. I am particularly proud of the support offered to postgraduate students and postdoctoral fellows, who, thanks to today’s investment, will be exposed to advanced training experiences that will prepare them for the jobs and opportunities of tomorrow.”

– The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science

“The government is committed to supporting of the next generation of Canada’s scientists, doctors, researchers, and innovators. I’m proud of today’s recipients from the University of Regina, and look forward to their future discoveries right here in Saskatchewan that will lead to breakthroughs in knowledge and applied techniques. Supporting basic and applied science helps grow the middle class and our economy.”

– The Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

“At the core of every research project, every laboratory and every discovery, there are people. NSERC empowers these people to build an innovative, prosperous and inclusive society. NSERC Discovery Grants, scholarships and fellowships provide thousands of top researchers, students and fellows with the foundation they need to concretize their research ambitions and explore the unknown.”

– Dr. B. Mario Pinto, President, NSERC

“The University of Regina’s commitment to research that has impact locally, nationally, and internationally is central to our institution. NSERC’s Discovery Grants program provides significant support to our researchers who are exploring diverse fields of inquiry to expand our knowledge and develop innovative solutions to real-world problems.”

– Dr. David Malloy, Vice-President, Research, University of Regina

“The NSERC Discovery Program is critical to the pursuit of a long-term research agenda that seeks to develop an understanding of and novel solutions to important problems. It allows researchers to not only support graduate students in developing knowledge, skills, and solutions to these problems, but also guide them in becoming the next generation of thinkers, problem solvers, and researchers.”

– Dr. Orland Hoeber, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Regina

Quick Facts

  • An investment of $515 million will be made in NSERC Discovery Grants, graduate and postgraduate scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships.
  • $368 million in support will go to NSERC’s flagship Discovery Grants Program to foster research excellence in the full range of science and engineering disciplines, from biology and chemistry to advanced materials engineering and astrophysics. These grants, which are subject to rigorous quality assurance, support ongoing research programs with long-term goals and build the foundation for innovation.
  • An investment of close to $86 million in Scholarship and Fellowships will launch a new generation of scientists and engineers who are at the early stages of their research careers, with support at levels of study from graduate to postdoctoral.
  • Researchers will share an additional $36 million in Research Tools and Instruments Grants to purchase new research equipment needed for world-leading discovery, innovation and training.

NSERC is also providing $15 million for resources to selected researchers to accelerate progress and maximize the impact of their promising research proposals through the Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program. At small universities, 54 researchers will receive Discovery Development Grants, totaling $1,080,000, to support their research.


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NSERC invests over $1 billion each year in natural sciences and engineering research in Canada. Our investments deliver discoveries – valuable world-firsts in knowledge claimed by a brain trust of over 11,000 professors. Our investments enable partnerships and collaborations that connect industry with discoveries and the people behind them. Researcher-industry partnerships established by NSERC help inform R&D, solve scale-up challenges, and reduce the risks of developing high-potential technology.

NSERC also provides scholarships and hands-on training experience for more than 30,000 post-secondary students and post-doctoral fellows. These young researchers will be the next generation of science and engineering leaders in Canada.