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A further $896 million from the Government of Canada for infrastructure in Saskatchewan

Modern, efficient community infrastructure contributes to a high quality of life by helping connect people to jobs, improve water systems, and support new business opportunities. Investing in infrastructure is vital to creating middle class jobs today and sustained economic growth for years to come.

Today the Honourable Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety, on behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, announced that Saskatchewan will receive a further $896 million for infrastructure over the next 11 years under the Government of Canada’s long-term infrastructure plan.

As part of that plan, Saskatchewan will receive:

  • $416,334,673 for Green Infrastructure for greenhouse gas mitigation (including electricity transmission); adaptation, resilience and disaster mitigation; and investments in environmental quality.
  • $307,871,025 for Public Transit Infrastructure.
  • $115,905,927 for Rural and Northern Communities Infrastructure.
  • $56,211,382 for Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure.

The announcement was made as Minister Sohi opened negotiations with Saskatchewan and other provinces and territories on bilateral agreements to establish streamlined frameworks for funding delivery. These agreements will provide flexibility for provinces and territories to identify their priorities for investments while ensuring federal investments support national objectives.


“The Government of Canada is working with Saskatchewan to get good things done for the province. Since we came into office, our collaboration on infrastructure has already resulted in almost half a billion dollars in federal funding for new infrastructure projects in Saskatchewan. Today’s announcement builds on that work, providing new funding for investments in infrastructure that will improve our quality of life and build a stronger foundation for future success—all while stimulating economic growth and good jobs in the most cost-effective manner. We still have a big job to do to bolster the middle-class and all those working so hard just to get there, but providing almost a billion in new infrastructure funding for Saskatchewan is another important step forward.”

The Honourable Ralph Goodale,
Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness
Member of Parliament for Wascana

“Investing in infrastructure is vital to create growth for the middle class now while building a strong foundation for a sustainable economic future. We have reached out to provinces and territories to establish the next steps and launch discussions so that we may work together to finalize these important agreements in the coming months. Each region has unique challenges and opportunities, and it is only in working in partnership that we will be successful in creating strategic, lasting infrastructure that will help build the Canada of the 21st century.”

The Honourable Amarjeet Sohi,
Minister of Infrastructure and Communities

Quick facts

  • Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Government of Canada has announced close to half a billion dollars in new infrastructure projects in Saskatchewan.
  •  Phase One of the long-term infrastructure plan funded an additional 14 public transit projects and 110 water and wastewater projects in Saskatchewan.
  • This year Saskatchewan received another $59,104,000 for conventional municipal infrastructure from the federal Gas Tax Fund, which was established by then Finance Minister Ralph Goodale in 2005.
  • The Government of Canada is making historic $180-billion investments in infrastructure to support public infrastructure across the country over 12 years.
  • As part of the Plan, $33 billion will be delivered through bilateral agreements with provinces and territories under four funding streams:
  • $20.1 billion for public transit;
  • $9.2 billion for green infrastructure;
  • $1.3 billion for community, cultural and recreational infrastructure; and
  • $2 billion for wide-ranging infrastructure needs in rural and northern communities. In addition, the $400 million Arctic Energy Fund will be delivered under this stream to support energy security in the territories.

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